How to Enjoy a Day off with your Significant Other

Scheduling alone time with your significant other can be difficult. Adulthood comes with so many responsibilities that can pull you both in different directions. To build and maintain a lasting relationship, you need to be sure to set time aside specifically for you and your loved one. When the time comes that you both have a joint day off, spend it together. How do you find ways to enjoy a day off with your significant other? Plan ahead and look for new things that you both will love doing together. You might want to get a doctor’s note.

Some ideas:

Go to a local park.
Find a park with beautiful scenery. Take a casual, slow walk. Hold hands and talk. This will allow you and your partner to come closer through communication.

Stay home.
Lay back on the couch and cuddle up to a movie or television series you both enjoy. Visit Redbox, order a movie from your television, or bring up Netflix. Sometimes being able to lay back inside your own home can bring the most enjoyment.

Try something new.
Find a local attraction that neither of you have gone to before. Museums, hiking trails, waterfront boardwalks, or anything that either of you have thought about doing but have never found the time to go do. Delight in the new experience together.

Go to the zoo.
Find a zoo or wildlife park located nearby. Bring a picnic lunch and spend the day.

Bring out your inner Gamer.
If you have a mutual interest in video games, board games, or cards battle each other. Loser makes dinner.

Go out on the town.
When finances allow, enjoy a relaxing dinner and movie out. This means no one cooks or has to clean up afterwards.

Don’t be afraid to ask friends or family what they like to do with their loved ones on a free day. Having a day off that can be spent solely with your significant other is an important part to building and maintaining your relationship. Thinking outside of the “date night” box will open up many ideas and allow you to enjoy your day off with your significant other.

To take a day off, I recommend grabbing a doctor’s note at