Best Fake Doctors Notes Templates for Missing Work

Use a Fake Doctor or Medical Note to Have a Day Off

a man with a thermometerThere are dozens of reasons that can make us use fake doctor notes to excuse missing work. However, if you want to make sure you don’t get caught, you will need to do this right. This entails getting the best fake doctor office or hospital excuse note template you can find online, choosing the type of fake hospital note that will work for your particular case, customizing the note template to reduce the risk of investigation, and presenting the created fake excuse to your employer in a proper manner.

First of all, you shouldn’t panic or doubt your decision. Hundreds of people face similar problems and use fake printable doctor notes to get away from work for a few days. I was one of them and can now share my experience on how to do this correctly.

You should start searching for a fake excuse to get a day off from work online as all the best fake notes are available for download from the Internet. It doesn’t matter what kind of hospital or doctor office document you need to forge as you can be sure that an authentic template for it can be found online. Just click here to check out some of the options on offer.

How to Use Medical Excuses from the Hospital

a doctor writing a noteOnline, you can find any kind of fake medical excuse note imaginable, and you can be sure that quality fakes are impossible to tell apart from the real thing. Take a close look at the free fake note examples offered by the service to see this with your own eyes. Some media sources have conducted their own studies to check whether a regular person, like your employer, can tell the difference between an authentic doctor note and a fake. You can find plenty of articles about these experiments online and the result is always the same. People can’t tell the difference between real and fake doctor and hospital excuse notes. In fact, even doctors often can’t determine which of the presented notes is a fake.

Therefore, using one of the top-quality medical excuse templates is the best way to get away from work for a bit. If you follow a few simple guidelines, you won’t give the employer a reason to doubt the authenticity of your excuse, so the risk of getting caught with a fake doctor note will be minimal.

Here is how you should use a fake printable medical excuse from the hospital to explain your absence from work:

  1. Download the best printable doctors note template.
    Buying a template is always best because it’s customizable. There are many online services that offer ready-to-use notes, but these are extremely dangerous to use as they are generic and don’t look authentic enough to pass at work.
  2. Use a real doctor’s name.
    The HIPAA privacy laws protect you, so your employer can’t dig really deep to verify your medical excuse from work. However, he or she can use a loophole in these laws and investigate whether the doctor that has supposedly signed the papers is real. As a lot of medical information, such as doctor licenses, is open to the public and available online, your employer can easily check if a professional with this name exists. You can study these same sources to find a name of a real doctor and use it when customizing the printable template you downloaded from a website. The note verification service will cover all your bases and reduce the risk of being caught with a fake medical excuse and fired from work.
  3. Choose the right reason for absence.
    There are dozens of excuses for missing work that you can use. Go to to take a look at the most common of them. On one hand, this variety is a good thing, on the other hand, choosing the wrong kind of excuse may make your employer suspicious, so you might get caught. To prevent this, you should study the official labor statistics for absences and pick your reason based on this data. As these facts are available online, your employer is likely to check them as well. Therefore, using this information when choosing the best printable template will make your excuse seem more genuine.
  4. Get someone else to fill in the variable information by hand.
    Hospitals and doctors use printable templates all the time, so only the barest minimum of information on the notes, release letters, and other papers is written by hand. Some documents don’t require doing this at all. If your template requires filling in some kind of personal info by hand, get a friend or a family member to do this to ensure that the handwriting is different from yours.
  5. Present your edited medical excuse from the hospital to your employer.
    Look casual as you would when using a real note.

When We Use a Return to Work Excuse

Quite often, an employer won’t authorize your absence even if you have a legitimate reason. This happens because our and the employer’s idea of “legitimate” may vary. Being overworked and needing a few days off to put your head back on track definitely is a good reason, right? Unfortunately, bosses rarely think so, and that’s why you may need to use the best printable return to work excuse to ensure you don’t get fired for missing a few days of work.

Many people may need to use fake notes and hospital release papers even when they actually are sick because the increased cost of healthcare makes it impossible for them to afford a doctor’s appointment. You will benefit greatly if you have a printable authentic hospital template on hand. As such a template looks 100% genuine, you can use it to make a fake hospital excuse note in any situation without worrying about any potential problems at work.

Using a printable return to work excuse note template is easy. Just be sure to follow the instructions from this article. This way, you will avoid making any mistakes that might lead to you getting caught with a fake doctor excuse note.

A good fake excuse note can help you explain your absence in a manner that won’t raise any doubts and will prevent further investigation by your employer. Remember, buy only the best hospital and doctor excuse notes online to ensure that everything goes smoothly.