Learn How To Fake Food Poisoning Believably

How to Fake Food Poisoning Without Getting Caught

If you are looking for a perfect excuse to miss a day of work or school, look no further as faking a food poisoning is the best thing you can do. It’s easy, it’s believable, and you can fake food poisoning at any time. In fact, you can even use this excuse in case of an emergency without any special preparations.

a woman faking a stomachacheHowever, if you want to make sure everyone believes your fake food poisoning, and you have some extra time o prepare, you should take the following steps:

  1. Tell everyone in the office you are going to try a new dish or restaurant.
    This way, it won’t be such a surprise that you get a food poisoning the next day. An excuse of a planned family dinner will work as well, especially if you have previously joked about the food being served at these reunions.
    The products that have a high chance of ‘poisoning’ you are poultry, fish, meat, and eggs.
  2. Act as if you’re trying for an Oscar.
    You can make your story more believable if you call into the office and warn that you have a food poisoning and are in no condition to come to work. When you do this, you need to act as if you really have this problem. You should sound sick and groan from time to time. However, be careful not to overdo it.
    Take a few moments to remember what you usually sound like when you actually have food poisoning. Capture this feeling, take a deep breath and make your call. Keep the conversation short. Luckily, this won’t seem suspicious as the person on the other end of the line will probably just think you are about to be sick.
    If you are a student and need to fake a believable food poisoning for your parents who are actually there to see you, curl up in a ball hugging your stomach and be sure to groan and moan occasionally. This makes your fake ‘condition’ seem more authentic. Spending lots of time in the bathroom will also help enhance the illusion.
  3. Download a printable template of a doctor’s note stating you had a food poisoning.
    You will need to use it when you get back to work in order to avoid any problems. A medical document will erase any doubts about your condition. Be careful to choose a quality template, because a poorly made fake will put your job at risk. Go to makefakedrnotes.com to learn more about fake doctor’s notes and how to use them.
  4. Keep up the act for a few days after your return to work or school.
    Food poisoning is a condition with long-lasting effects. Therefore, it would be suspicious if you can eat burgers and fries the next day after you come back to the office. Stick to yogurts and rice crackers. These foods may not be as delicious as you’d like, but eating them with a miserable look on your face will support your story about a fake food poisoning.

How Long Does Food Poisoning Usually Last?

Before downloading fake dr notes for work, you will need to do some research and determine an average length of food poisoning. You don’t want to overdo it with your leave, but taking too little time to ‘recuperate’ will look suspicious as well. Check out the video on this page to learn more about what kind of poison you ingest with food and how your body reacts to it.

Note that the situation is the same when you need a doctor’s note for school. In this case, you will be in a more difficult position as you will also need to keep up with your fake food poisoning symptoms to fool your parents. Be very careful not to overdo it with your acting as this might make your parents take you to a real doctor.

If you are a student, it’s best to play it safe and make your leave from class as short as possible. You also need to avoid eating anything non-dietary even at home if you are trying to make your parents believe in your fake food poisoning. It would look highly suspicious if your mom comes back from work to find half a cake and some sausage missing from the fridge when you were supposedly too sick to eat anything heavier than porridge.

How to Fake Food Poisoning: Extra Tips

The most important thing that will make your fake food poisoning story believable is a note from a doctor. As you aren’t going to visit a real doctor, you will need to download some high quality notes templates.

Doing this is easy nowadays. You just need to look up ‘fake note from a doctor’ through your favorite online search engine. The number of search results will be staggering, but you shouldn’t think that all these fake notes about food poisoning are equally good. You’ll need to do some digging to find the one that looks authentic and won’t get you in trouble.

The signs of a good fake note service are:

  • Free samples.
    A trustworthy company will provide you with examples of their products for free so that you can check them and see whether they look real and can help you.
  • Reasonable prices.
    Forging top quality fake doctors notes about food poisoning takes a lot of time, skill, and effort. Therefore, this type of product is never free. However, the price for a fake food poisoning note should be reasonable as you don’t want to get ripped off.
    You shouldn’t use free fake notes as this is dangerous. These papers don’t look authentic and will not pass even a cursory inspection, so they can get you in a lot of trouble at work.
  • Verification service.
    A reliable firm will provide a verification service. This entails a phone number and ability to record a message that will be played if your boss should call the number from your fake food poisoning note and make sure that the doctor’s office exists. It’s against the law to ask anything about your condition or even about your actual presence in the office.
  • Money back guarantee.
    Companies that can be trusted know that their products are good, so they are ready to provide a money back guarantee. If you find the quality of the fake food poisoning note lacking, you should get your money back with no trouble at all.

a girl sleeping at 12 PMUse these tips and you’ll be able to fake a food poisoning with little effort. Enjoy the time off you get to the fullest!