A Smart Way to Ace a Test

Hand completing a multiple choice exam.
Hand completing a multiple choice exam.

Tests are an integral part of learning. They are usually meant to measure how well one has mastered or understood the concept or the subject under study. They give an indication of how well one has grasped the fundamental concepts related to the subject. Tests can bring a lot of panics especially if you have not done adequate preparation. Students get nervous, afraid and worried whether they can get that excellent grade in their tests. The following are practical strategies, techniques, and skills for preparing for a test:

Do advance preparation

Last time study rush is not advisable; you are less likely to understand deeply the material you are reading. Early preparation is the key to successfully equip you with enough material to pass that exam. Start reading your books as soon as you learn of the test. Preparing a reading schedule could go a long way in guiding you in your reading.

Study with a friend (s)

Getting a study friend who is focused and determined helps you understand key concepts. Joining a study group of people taking the same test will help in interactive revision and exchanging academic ideas related to the subject. However, you should be careful not to join a bunch of clowns who waste your time.

Take breaks during study

Taking breaks in between your study session will help your brain relax and absorb as much content as possible. Avoid putting yourself too much pressure through long study sessions.

Be attentive during class sessions 

Being attentive to your tutor during lectures will help in understanding the concepts and clarify concepts you have not understood. Also, ensure you take notes on the main points that will assist you in revision.

Practice with many questions

Collect as many questions as possible from previous test papers, from your tutor and even from the internet. This will boost your confidence and makes you familiar with the nature of questions you expect.

Assemble your exam materials early

Avoid last time rush to find your materials as it is likely to cause your panic; collect all materials you need for the test the previous evening. Have your pens, pencils, sheets of paper and your notes ready for the action.

Get adequate rest the night before

Avoid extensive reading and cramming the night before the exam. Relax your mind by having enough sleep so that you wake up fresh for the test the following day. The above tips, with the right attitude, will help you prepare adequately and ace that test and attain an A+.

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