Best Fake Medical Emergency to Get Out of Work

The Best Excuses from Doctors to Miss Work

a list of popular medical excusesIn many cases, your actual reason to miss work cannot persuade your employer to give you some much needed time off. I’ve been in situations like this myself and know how disappointing it is to work up the courage to talk to your boss only for your request to be denied. Luckily for all of us, there is a simple solution to this problem today.

You can purchase a fake note from a doctor or an emergency room and get excused from work. The best thing about using a fake doctor note is that you don’t need to open up about your personal life and explain why you actually need the time off. A fake note from a doctor is a 100% legit excuse that no one will doubt. In addition, the HIPPA privacy laws clearly state that your employer doesn’t have the right to inquire any details about your condition, beyond the information stated in the note. Therefore, you won’t even have to lie about anything and risk getting caught because of you don’t have a poker face.

A fake doctor or emergency room note is a greatly helpful tool that has helped me many times in the past. I’m sure it can help you as well, but this will work only if you use the right excuse. There are many types of fake medical excuse notes available today, so consider your choices carefully. Get a fake doctors note.

The Best Types of Fake Emergency Notes

When looking for the best kind of fake doctor note, you should take your situation into account. Do you have an opportunity to do some ‘ground work’ in the office so that you getting suddenly sick looks less suspicious? This may be faking a cough once in a while or complaining about general weakness or a sore throat.

If you can do things like this, calling in sick on the next day will look more natural as people will think something along the lines of ‘Oh, yes. I remember him/her complaining about feeling off yesterday.’

In case you have to miss work because of an emergency, a fake emergency room note would work best. You can easily download a fake emergency room note template online and customize it to meet your personal needs. However, this note must state the reason why you came to the ER. The best medical excuses to choose are:

  • a woman suffering from a toothacheDental emergency
  • Eye emergency
  • Food poisoning

Please note that you shouldn’t go for ‘sprained ankle’ or something similar as many employers won’t see this as a good enough reason to miss work, unless your job requires standing or walking around a lot. In addition, you will need to wear bandages and fake a limp for a few days after you return back to the office as this kind of injury takes a while to heal.

Using a ‘heart attack’ as your emergency excuse is also a bad idea, especially if you have no history of heart disease. This kind if health problem usually doesn’t appear out of the blue and will require a lot of follow-up treatment that you will have to fake to ensure no one in the office doubts your fake note.

However, an acute dental pain or food poisoning are both common conditions that can be sudden. A fake eye doctor note also is a good idea as you might get something in your eye at any time, and this problem must be addressed immediately.

Should I Use a Strep Throat Doctors Note?

Yes, you definitely should as this is one of the best kinds of fake doctor notes for work. Here is why:

  • Strep throat is common.
    Everyone can develop this condition and it doesn’t have to be ‘seasonal’, like flu.
  • This disease is highly contagious.
    Therefore, not only can you contract it easily but you will need more time off to ensure you don’t get the rest of your office infected.
  • This condition can lead to dangerous complications.
    Some of the possible consequences of untreated or insufficiently treated strep throat infection are rheumatic fever, ear infections, mastoiditis, scarlet fever, and post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis. This is common knowledge, so your extended leave from work will look completely natural.

Note that you may also use such a fake doctor note to get out of school. Go to to learn more about how to use a fake doctor excuse note to miss classes and don’t get caught.

Pros and Cons of Using an Urgent Care Doctors Note

Do you still doubt whether you should use a fake doctor or emergency room note? Take a look at the following lists of pros and cons. This should persuade you that buying a fake doctor or urgent care note is the right decision.


  • You get the time off you need to take care of any personal emergencies.
  • You get a day off to just unwind and relieve some stress.
  • You will be more productive after relaxing, so your work will benefit.
  • You don’t risk losing your job if the fake note you use is of high quality and looks 100% authentic.
  • You get a chance to heal if you are actually sick and can’t afford a visit to a doctor.


  • Using a fake note from the emergency room or a doctor can be risky.
    However, you risk only if you use a free or poor quality fake doctor note. These don’t look authentic and will definitely get you in trouble. Be sure to study an example of the fake doctor note template before downloading it.
  • A high-quality fake emergency room note costs money.
    This is true, but these doctor notes are very affordable. In addition, you get a whole pack of high-quality fake doctor note templates that you will be able to use whenever you need an excuse from work.

Using an Emergency Room Note: Final Tips

Here are a few tips I developed based on my own experience of using these fake doctor notes. I hope they will help you not get caught. And don’t forget that some excuses can backfire.

  • Look miserable the day you return to work.
    This will enhance the illusion of your presumed sickness.
  • Submit the fake doctor note electronically.
    Email it directly to your boss as this will reduce the risk of him/her catching any signs of forging.
  • Don’t overuse fake excuses.
    These fake doctor notes can be invaluable to get you some time off work, but don’t get too reliant on fake doctor notes as this will get suspicious.